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Silk Returns With A Quiet Storm (Interview)


Silk ruled among R&B groups in the ’90’s with their church-based vocals transformed into the sexy soul embodied most by their hit, “Freak Me.” The Atlanta natives took a chance meeting with Keith Sweat and a built a brand that still excites connoisseurs of classic R&B. The quintet has managed the impossible by staying together and continuing to release the uncut soul that became known for in the beginning. At no point in their journey have they deviated from their roots to chase after pop success and risk alienating their core audience. The fans, in turn, have given them a loyalty that has allowed them to step away for a while and return with Quiet Storm, their first album in 10 years. “Love U 2 Like Me” is the first single reintroducing their sound which, they now refer to as being more about “foreplay instead of one play.” In the following interview with Kickmag, Gary “Big G” Glenn and Gary “Lil G” Jenkins talk about Quiet Storm, the responsibilities of maintaining the Silk unit and the lack of newer R&B groups.

“We’re promoting foreplay instead of one play, this album”


“I Love U 2 Like Me” was first talked about in 2014, what made you all decide to release the album now?  

Big G: I think from the time it was talked about in 2014 until now we just didn’t feel like we had the album we wanted to put out. We had some other songs we recorded in between that time. We felt good about the single obviously, but we wanted to feel even better about the album.

Lil G: We wanted to make sure we had something else in line that we felt was stronger than the first single, “Love U 2 Like Me” as soon as we were finished promoting that song we’d have one right ready to go.

How does Quiet Storm stay true to your formula or move away from it? You said now the music is more about foreplay?

Lil G: We’re promoting foreplay instead of one play. We decided to get nostalgic in a sense because a lot of people were looking for our style of true R n B to come back into the fold with the harmonies and the songs that have meaning to them and they don’t get right to the jugular. A woman likes to be finessed and caressed. So we feel like every song on this album is finessing and caressing the woman to get to the top point of the evening or of the relationship. It’s like an instructional book almost. 


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