Daily Archives: January 17, 2016

R.I.P. Blowfly

Clarence Reid, who was also known as the masked rapper Blowfly, died Sunday in hospice care at the age of 76 from liver cancer. Reid wrote songs for ’60’s soul artists including Gwen McCrae and Betty Wright. His Blowfly persona recited adult-themed rap versions of popular songs and became a hip-hop forerunner. “Rapp Dirty” became an influence on rappers and rock artists many of whom acknowledged him after his death announcement on social media. Pete Rock,  Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Flying Lotus were a few of the artists to offer public condolences for Reid. In 2010, the documentary, The Weird World Of Blowfly debuted at SXSW. A few days ago his drummer posted on Facebook that Reid had entered hospice care and would be releasing his final album 77 Rusty Trombones next month. You can hear a stream of the album now on Soundcloud before the official February release date.


Throwback:Thomas Dolby/Dolby’s Cube-Get Out Of My Mix


Dolby’s Cube was one of Thomas Dolby’s studio projects that counted George Clinton, Francois Kevorkian, Lea Thompson and Lene Lovich among its collaborators at different times. “Get Out Of My Mix” was the first single released under the Dolby’s Cube name and it had more dance sensibilities than his solo hit, “She Blinded Me With Science.” Two years later in 1985, George Clinton recorded “May The Cube Be With You” with Dolby, The Brecker Brothers, Lene Lovich and members of Earth, Wind & Fire and Funkadelic for Dolby’s Cube. The theme song from the movie Howard The Duck was another Dolby’s Cube recording and it featured the flick’s fictional Cherry Bomb band. Thomas Dolby’s interest in various styles of music has put him in a position to produce “Magic’s Wand” for rap group Whodini to co-producing Joni Mitchell’s Dog Eat Dog album. His most recent solo project is 2011’s A Map Of The Floating City. In 2014, he became the Homewood Professor Of The Arts at John Hopkins University.