Daily Archives: December 23, 2015

Kendrick Lamar-Hard Work

 Kendrick Lamar ends a big year with a short video explaining the source of his achievements simply titled, Hard Work. His young friend plays basketball with him and witnesses the recognition Lamar receives from people on the street and gets mentored in the mechanics of success.


Illa J Raps For XXL’s Family Ties

 Illa J raps for XXL’s Family Ties series and shows how musical talent runs in his family. As J.Dilla’s younger brother he’s worked hard to been seen as more than the sibling of a hip-hop giant. Since 2008, he’s released solo music and the public has learned to see him as more than the sibling of a hip-hop legend. His self-titled sophomore album is one of the best hip-hop albums this year.


ProbCause Animation Puts Wu-Tang Clan And Bill Murray In A Battle With Martin Shkreli

Chicago rapper ProbCause is also a graphic designer and animator. Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is his latest animation project and the title and storyline is from the recent purchase of the Wu-Tang Clan’s one of a kind album by former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli. The group sold the album to Shkreli for $2 million dollars, but there was a clause in the contract allowing the Wu-Tang Clan or famous actor Bill Murray to steal the recording, which would give back full ownership of the album to the Wu. Shkreli made the news a couple of weeks ago, for raising the price of a drug used by A.I.D.s patients and he’s in the headlines again for securities fraud charges. Because of his current arrest, it is possible that Once Upon A Time In Shaolin may be taken by the Feds. ProbCause also added Donald Trump to the animation because of the skit from Method Man’s Tical 2000: Judgement Day album.