Daily Archives: December 15, 2015

Killer Mike Talks Politics With Bernie Sanders

 Killer Mike has a six-part interview with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and they discuss economics, social justice and a series of topics pertaining to the country at Mike’s Swag barbershop in Atlanta. The conversation happened last month after Sanders and Killer Mike spent the day together in Atlanta and had lunch. Killer Mike believes in Sanders’s platform to end mass incarceration, his address of police brutality and his plan to raise minimum wage.


Kendrick Lamar-Alright (Terrace Martin Remix)



Terrace Martin’s  remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” drops Lamar’s verses and adds a dreamy keyboard to go with his saxophone. The end result of the remix is something closer to deep house than hip-hop.


Ashley Jayy Shares The Christmas Song Before EP Release

Ashley Jayy has had a busy year touring with Prince and being part of the BeSpeak Love compilation with fellow Portland, Oregon R&B artists. A few years ago she recorded The Christmas EP and now the Portland-based FNBEATSGALORE/Ropeadope Records. Jayy’s cover of “The Christmas Song” is streaming now and it is an early of the four-song project which won’t officially surface until later this month.