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The Weeknd-In The Night

The Weeknd’s official video for “In The Night” is a mini-movie about his focus on a woman played by his alleged real-life girlfriend, Bella Hadid from the underworld. In the process of following her and learning her story, he faces an Asian mafia and cheats death.


Author A.A. Jones Takes the “Plunge” in Underwater Pole Dance Video to Announce the Re-Release of “Tilt”

photography by Brett Stanley

photography by Brett Stanley

Burbank, CA – Author A.A. Jones is re-releasing her memoirs, “Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper” just in time for holiday reading. Instead of doing it with a bang however, the self-confessed housewife by day and exotic dancer by night has taken a plunge instead. “Plunge” is the title of her provocative yet inspirational pole dance shot underwater by world-renowned photographer Brett Stanley. Just like with her book “Tilt,” the video encourages viewers to strip away their inhibitions and live fearlessly. It is Jones’ ongoing message of empowerment for women and men alike.
Author A.A. Jones
                   photo by Ed Magik

A corporate fitness instructor and dog behaviorist, A.A. Jones enthralled readers in 2013 with her literary reveal detailing her moonlighting nightlife escapades. More than just a day-to-day account of a housewife thrown into the underground world of exotic dance, sex and drama, “Tilt Diary” emerged as an intimate, soul-bearing account of a woman making her way in a man’s world and owning her power. “Tilt” fueled the imaginations of readers around the world and was acknowledged as a Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal Winner. 

Jones is continuing her liberation movement with “Plunge.” The one minute and 30 second production dives deep. Jones dances underwater around a pole in a sea of soothing aqua blue.   The dance progresses via a series of photo stills exquisitely shotby Stanley, while Jones is heard narrating an impassioned soliloquy about overcoming fear and embracing courage.

An award winning commercial and underwater photographer, Brett Stanley has traveled the globe shooting breathtaking imagery. Jones is part of his Underwater Pole Dancing series, an exhibition that has garnered him international attention and acclaim.

“Photographing Jones for the underwater pole series added another dimension to my work,” cites Brett. “I found her amazingly creative and great to work with. Jones’ storyline for the shoot was compelling and unique, and the resulting images are some of my favorites.”

“Plunge” by A.A. Jones

KING-The Greatest

KING emerged in 2011 with their The Story EP and  were  acknowledged by  several tastemakers and artists like Prince. In 2016, their debut album, We Are King will be released in February. “The Greatest” is the first single from their first full-length project and it is a tribute to Muhammad Ali who is depicted as an animated silhouette in the video. You can pre-order We Are King and instantly download “The Greatest.”


Dam-Funk-808 Beauty

“808 Beauty” is an unreleased song from Dam-Funk. He admits to being bored and eager for the start of 2016, so he’s sharing more music after the release of Invite The Light this past Fall.


Charles Bradley-Changes Official Video

“Changes” is a new single from Charles Bradley’s new album of the same name coming out in 2016. In the video his face staring straight into the camera tells the story of the song without any lip-synching or text on the screen.