Unsung: Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg is the subject of the latest episode of Unsung and it is an overview of his days as the pioneering vocalist of G-Funk R&B. Unsung follows Nate Dogg from his beginnings as a child in Mississippi singing with his family in church,  to his California relocation and  his fated meeting with Snoop Dogg. They met in high school and it was the start of their lifetime friendship and professional relationship.  His passing in 2011 makes the Unsung episode even more important because he was never truly recognized for his contributions to the West Coast and his powerful hooks that added another dimension of soul to any song he sang. An artist like The Weeknd owes much to Nate Dogg for using the sensuousness and smoothness of R&B to make rugged pimp lyrics palatable.  Watch the whole episode above.