WatchTheDuck-Stretch 2-3-4 Featuring Pharrell Williams

Jesse Rankins and Eddie Smith III are the two-man production team known as WatchTheDuck (WtD). They have already racked up credits working for Beyonce, T.I., Schoolboy Q and others. “Stretch 2-3-4”  featuring Pharrell is the first song from their upcoming Trojan Horse EP.  They call their sound soulstep and they’ve previously released their  Black Music On Molly ReMixtape,  the Anatidaephobia EP and their critically acclaimed Don’t Watch Me mixtape. “Stretch 2-3-4” debuted on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show as a World First premiere. The Trojan Horse EP comes out this Friday (November 20th) and you can pre-order it to instantly receive “Stretch 2-3-4.”