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Pell-LIMBO Album Stream




Pell’s LIMBO debut is here and you can stream the 9-song album that we first heard from with his “Queso” single. Dave Sitek and Alexander Spit are two of the producers of LIMBO, which Pell calls experimental soul.


Moonchild-All The Joy Official Video

California trio Moonchild just recently signed with Tru Thoughts Records to officially release their debut album, Please Rewind. Their ambrosial R&B is built with elements of jazz and hip-hop. “All The Joy” is the second video from Please Rewind and it’s the band playing in the studio and enjoying a beautiful day outside. They are currently touring with The Internet and you can stream Please Rewind before purchasing it from the usual places or their Bandcamp page.


Spike Lee Responds To Critics Of Chi-raq Trailer

Spike Lee responds to critics of his trailer for Chi-raq who have mistaken the satire for comedy.


Angie Stone Talks About Her Album Dream And Her Career (Interview)


Angie Stone’s almost 4-decade career as a hip-hop pioneer, songwriter and unyielding force in soul music has given her the rare status of being an artist who’s had commercial success with creative integrity.  From her beginning as a member of the all-girl rap group The Sequence to her solo albums and collaborations with people like Prince and Beyonce, she always asserts her unmistakable voice with honesty. Dream is her seventh studio album and the music represents a spiritual turning point because the inspiration behind it brought her out of an almost career-ending silence. In this interview, she talks about Dream, Sugar Hill Records, the aftermath of the much-publicized fight with her daughter and longevity.



There’s pain and then there is the process to get to the promise

Why did you call the new album Dream

I had given up, I wasn’t doing music anymore. I was tired of the way the industry was treating me and I was done. Walter Millsap III called me based on a dream God had given him.

You said that Dream is about the pain,  the process and the promise?

I was in Bible study one Wednesday and we go through certain things for a certain reason in order for God to get us where we need to be. The reason I said the Dream, is because there’s pain and then there is the process to get to the promise. Part of my pain was giving up, the process right now is God showing up and showing me that he can do all things. The promise is yet to be seen but, I’m working my way up through the promise because what is happening right now is evidence that God is all seeing and all doing. I’ve gotten more interviews in the past week than I’ve had in the past 10 years combined. That tells me that the promise is real.