Daily Archives: October 15, 2015

Don Cheadle Talks About Miles Ahead

Don Cheadle talks to the Associated Press about his first time directing with the Miles Davis film, Miles Ahead. Miles Davis’s nephew, Vince Milburn Jr. also talks to the AP about the film and how he named Cheadle for the role in 2006 during the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction for Davis.


Mi’das-Feels Like Only Yesterday

British R&B singer Mi’das is getting ready for his early 2016 debut album All Inside Your Head with the release of “Feels Like Only Yesterday.” The Stevie Wonder-influenced single is an ode to the carefree innocence of youth and a focus on his guitar. Mi’das recently performed a live acoustic version of “Feels Like Only Yesterday” with Christian Tierney and can be viewed here.


The Internet-Get Away Official Video

The Internet just released the official video for “Get Away” from their magnum opus, Ego Death. The storyline follows Syd and a girlfriend, the band partying and then giving an outside performance. Kilo Kish makes a quick cameo and Matt Martians does some fast driving with another bandmember. Their current Ego Death tour in the United States ends in November.