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KMD stood for Kausing Much Damage or a Kause In A Much Damaged society and the Long Island, New York trio consisted of Zev Love X, Subroc and Onyx The Birthstone Kid. They were first heard on 3rd Bass’s “Gasface” after MC Serch invited them to a guest appearance on 3rd Bass’s first album and they also had an appearance in the video. “Peachfuzz” was the minor hit from KMD’s Mr. Hood debut album and it was about the desire to be taken seriously despite one’s youth. They were Muslims concerned with the state of their community but the music was lighthearted in contrast to their mission. Zev Love X was also an artist and he drew their mascot of a Black sambo face with a ban sign over it and it was featured on the album cover. The image was intended to disown stereotypes and send a message to young people about not following the presumed Mr. Hood character with the gold chains in the left corner of the cover. 3rd Bass appeared in the “Peachfuzz” video and KMD literally wore their beliefs by donning Muslim garb. Mr. Hood is important because it is the precursor to their Black Bastards sophomore album that was famously shelved by Elektra because music industry insiders reacted negatively to the cover art of the sambo mascot figure in a noose. The record also marks the unexpected death of Subroc and the subsequent end of KMD which later found Zev Love X reborn as MF Doom.