Daily Archives: September 14, 2015

Johnny Popcorn-Love The Abuse Official Video

Johnny Popcorn’s boho party is the setting for the official “Love The Abuse” video. The song and the visual are leading the way for the release of the Philly trio’s Johnny Popcorn Totem Pole album coming soon.


Guilty Simpson-The D Official Video

Guilty Simpson’s official video for “The D” is a tour of his city and there are shots of downtown Detroit, the former Amtrak station, neighborhoods, Motown’s Hitsville USA and the Renaissance Center among the sites. Simpson’s Detroit’s Son is out now.


DJ Rahdu Presents The Suite Spot Maxwell Remixes Mix


DJ Rahdu recounts Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite debut with The Suite Spot Maxwell Remix tape and it’s a collection of interpretations, edits and remixes of Maxwell’s music. You can download the tape from the BamaLoveSoul bandcamp page.