Throwback: Freeez-I.O.U.


[youtube id=”WZ-1DYwaxrE”]

“I.O.U.” was Freeez’s big dance hit produced by Arthur Baker from their 1983 sophomore album, Gonna Get You. They started out as a jazz-funk band in their native UK with Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick and emerged with the single “Keep In Touch” in 1980. “Southern Freeez” was their second single and it was their first Top Ten hit at home. “I.O.U.” did well on the both sides of the water by entering the American mainstream on the Billboard dance charts and in the movie Beat Street. “I.O.U.” registered high at number two on the UK Singles Chart and thanks to Baker’s awareness of the new dance music and hip-hop, the song was accepted in urban circles. John Rocca, Peter Maas, Andy Stennet, Paul Morgan and Everton Mcalla recorded 4 albums as Freeez before disbanding in 1985.