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Janelle Monae & Wondaland On The Today Show

The Wondaland family went to The Today Show and performed “Yoga” and “Tightrope” in support of The Eephus EP that came out today. Monae ends the show with one of her best tributes to James Brown.


Yasiin Bey-Basquiat Ghostwriter

Yasiin Bey’s “Basquiat Ghostwriter” is a song inspired by the late Jean-Michel Basquiat and his band Grey ands it is a statement about all the injustice at the core of the Black Lives Matter movement around the country now. The music itself comes from Basquiat’s Gray band and Bey breaks it down for those who may not understand it:

“No rap circuses. A Country Called Earth. Free the land. Love and respect to the Basquiat family and Mr. W.F. Flame. Let us be reminded of Sandra bland, Fegurson, Baltimore, and all the injustice of the world, as well as the beauty. Respect to the family of Sean Price and Brooklyn, from which I and Jean-Michel are from. Eternal love to my city. God bless the soul and keeping living, even when we die, we wont stay dead.Lyrics by Yasiin Bey, Music by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s band Gray, off of their album Shades Of, originally recorded between 1979-1981. Lyrics taken from Jean-Michel’s paintings, graffiti and notebook sketches. Make peace and be grateful. L T P F J”


Wondaland Presents: The Eephus EP Stream


Janelle Monae’s Wondaland crew released their 6-song Eephus EP today and you can stream it before purchase. In addition to the five original songs from the collective the “Classic Man” remix with Kendrick Lamar is on the EP.


Zion I Release Live Album Featuring Piano Prodigy Kev Choice

The Rapture: Live from Oaklandia is 12 songs from Zion I’s recent performance at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California. The Rapture Band features piano player Kev Choice and the set list is a variety of songs from Zion I’s Mind Over Matter debut and newer music from their catalog.


MeLo-X-Baby Eye

“Baby Eye” is the first single from MeLo-X’s forthcoming Curate EP. On the first listen “Baby Eye” is a romantic plea for love but there is another layer to the song MeLo-X explains: I wrote “Baby Eye” last year in L.A., around the time when the cop that killed Eric Garner was acquitted. “Baby Eye” feels like a happy song. The chorus is, “Baby, I want to see your body next to mine.” You think we’re in bed or something. But then I say, “Baby, I want to see you move your mind.” I wrote it thinking about being together while revolting and having her by my side. I want to see her move the people and move souls.”