Throwback: Central Line-Walking Into Sunshine


[youtube id=”YWHj2SWGR0Y”]

Central Line’s 1981 club hit “Walking Into Sunshine” was the zenith of their popularity in the United States and had the added prestige of being remixed by Larry Levan who played it at the Paradise Garage. Steve Salvari, Camelle Hinds,Henri Defoe, Linton Beckles, Lipson Francis and Jake Le Mesurier were a jazz funk band from London and they signed to Mercury Records in 1979 as Central Line. They emerged along with other jazz funk bands including Light Of The World and Incognito. Of the three albums they recorded, it was the song “Nature Boy” that was recognized most in their native London. All six members went in different directions when the band broke-up in 1984 with Steve Salvari being the only one to continue working in the music industry as a producer, musician and bandleader. Jake Le Mesurier passed in the ’90’s and lead singer and drummer Linton Beckles died in 2015.