Daily Archives: June 10, 2015

Sean C. Johnson-Mountains Official Video

Sean C. Johnson’s official video for “Mountains” is a tribute to faith in hard times when a couple loses a child. Johnson’s Circa 1993 combines Christianity and hip-hop with heavy R&B overtones.


Kevin Saunderson Returns To E-Dancer Moniker With New Single Foundation

Detroit techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson has returned to using the E-Dancer name for his “Foundation” single coming out on his KMS imprint July 6th. It’s been 18 years since he appeared as E-Dancer for ’97’s “Heavenly.” Saunderson regards his E-Dancer moniker as his favorite among many other names he has used including Tronikhouse, Reese & Santonio, Inner City and The Reese Project. “Foundation” refers to his days at the Paradise Garage and how that experience still continues to inspire him as the nucleus of his sound.


Saul Williams-Burundi Official Video

Saul Williams’s video for “Burundi” makes the lyrics clear with visuals of American conflicts between the citizens and the police which is similar to the conflict currently taking place in the East African country. The people of Burundi are currently demonstrating against their president’s decision to run for a third term even though the constitutional limit is two terms. Williams’s Martyrloserking comes out September 19th.