Saul Williams-Burundi Featuring Emily Kokal Of Warpaint

“Burundi” featuring Emily Kokal of Warpaint is the first single from Saul Williams’ upcoming Martyr Loser King album. The album will come out in July on the Fader label. Williams explains the story behind “Burundi” which starts in Paris:

Burundi is one of the 1st songs I recorded for MartyrLoserKing. I initially recorded it in Paris after returning from a month of travel thru Senegal, Swaziland & South Africa. I focused on [the country] Burundi as I was studying the coltan trade & black market networks. Also because of the role of the drum/tambour in Burundi & how those drums became the backbeat for new wave… Adam Ant etc. I’m a huge Warpaint fan. Justin [Warfield] mentioned that he knew Em when I was playing him my demoes and I asked him to invite her to the studio. From there, she just sang along.