Casual of The Hieroglyphics Publishes Academic Work On Egypt and the Hieroglyphs


Rapper and The Hieroglyphics co-founder, Jonathan Owens, aka Casual, has published his first book, entitled, Madjai, A Handbook for the Conscious Community. The self-trained scholar translated ancient Egyptian texts and addressed historical misconceptions of the region surrounding the Nile River.

Madjai is a collection of articles and analyses of ancient Egyptian text, offering new interpretations to some of the worlds oldest manuscripts. With over a decade of independent studies under his belt, Casual has published well received articles online as he specializes in the Egyptian language Medu Netcher. “The process involved a lot of research and new translations of ancient Egyptian texts,” he explains. “I consider myself an Egyptian grammarian. I study the ancient Egyptian language and address misinterpretations.” The book follows a recent debate Casual won in New York City between the Black Hebrew Israelites and Kemet on Trial. “I was giving valid, accurate answers to the opposing side who were challenging the info of kemetology. It was wonderful for me, and we won.” Casual also started a Facebook study group, Madjai – Vanguards of Kemet, available as a resource to those interested in the subject.

Speaking on how his research and ideas have influenced him over the years, Casual explained, “Actually, it’s the other way around. My music has influenced these ideas. I’m 40 years old, at this age I’m most inspired by just sitting down and writing,” he says. “At this point of my career, I always want to do more. Researching and writing is helping me stay amongst the people. I’m working on the second book for Hiero, which is in the works to come out later this year. This is gonna help sustain my legacy in hip-hop and help present myself as multi-faceted writer and artist.”

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