Daily Archives: December 6, 2014

Maysa-This Christmas Featuring Will Downing

Maysa and Will Downing take on the Donny Hathaway’s holiday classic, “This Christmas” from Maysa’s A Very Maysa Christmas.


Carl Thomas-Christmas In Paris (Yuletide Nights) & S. Marcus Aurelius

Carl Thomas is in the Xmas spirit with “Yuletide Nights” produced by S. Marcus Aurelius. The singer is currently on tour and will be releasing a new album next year.


Wu-Tang Clan-A Better Tomorrow (Official Video)

The Wu-Tang Clan uses footage from the Mike Brown and Eric Garner protests for their “A Better Tomorrow” video in hopes of bringing awareness of police brutality and inspiring change.


Shabazz Palaces-#Cake (Animal Collective Premature Deflirt Mix)

Shabazz Palaces’s “#Cake” is remixed by electronic band Animal Collective adding disembodied voices to the song which already has an otherworldly feel. Lese Majesty is out now.


Media Questions Of The Week



Is ?uestlove correct when he says that pop needs more protest music?


Do we need a movie about the Obamas’ love story or their presidency?

Is J.Cole right about whites appropriating Black music or should he have kept his feelings to himself because whites are huge hip-hop consumers?