Daily Archives: August 14, 2014

Do The Right Thing 25 Year Anniversary: A Beats Music Experience

Spike Lee and his cast from Do The Right Thing walk through Bed Stuy Brooklyn and recount the making of the film some 25 years ago. This short filmed overview of Lee’s second feature is timely considering the recent deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown by the police. The film ends with a block party and performance by Public Enemy whose “Fight The Power” became famous because of the movie.


Tyson onBEATS-We So Fly Feat. Mikial

Tyson onBEATS is the hip-hop duo of rapper Tyson Amir and producer Ridwan Bass aka onBEATS. They hail from San Jose, California and “We So Fly” is from their debut album, Purpose.


DEATH-We’re Gonna Make It

Detroit proto punk DEATH released the video for “We’re Gonna Make It” today. The song is the last one written with David Hackney, who is the founding member of the band with his two brothers Bobby and Dannis. The video is a slideshow of family photos through the years and a memoriam to David who passed in 2000. The song is from their Death III album that was released in the Spring.