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Avery Sunshine Opens Up The SunRoom (Interview)

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“I think you realize that people respond to you, authentically you”

Four years ago Avery Sunshine released their debut album of compelling R&B that was quickly embraced by the soul- loving blogosphere, fans and fellow artists. The Atlanta duo of Sunshine and Dana Johnson mastered the intricacies of soul music with a deftness usually reserved for the genre’s esteemed sages. Sunshine and Johnson spent years being church musicians and it is the obvious foundation of their music’s capacity to fluently move between divine concerns and temporal life. The reception to the first album took them on a world tour that had them opening for B.B. King and performing in front of Ringo Starr. Their extended touring and life in general eventually inspired their sophomoric recording, The SunRoom. “Call My Name” was leaked a couple of weeks ago and it is a piece of an original song collection by the partners who have grown into a much more sophisticated artistry. Sunshine and Johnson talked to Kickmag about the creative process behindThe SunRoom, road life and their ultimate creative aspirations.

What’s inside the Sun Room?

Avery: Having a bunch of songs that have nothing to do with each other *laughs* and we said we need a title for this record, what is it going to be? One of our good friends an amazing artist, redecorated our studio it was amazing and we called the room, the Sun Room. And we thought that would be a great title for the album and that was it. And the thing that made so much sense in your sun room, your personal space, you can do and talk about whatever it is you want to.

Who’s producing most of the record?

Avery: We had two different writers/producers “Sweet Afternoon” that was Clarence T. Hill and “Time To Shine” that was Damien Desandy. Both of those guys did those songs completely and utterly by themselves. So Teeny played every instrument on “Sweet Afternoon” and Damien did everything on “Time To Shine.” They did the tracks to the songs but we just wrote to them.


Amiri-Check It Out Y’all

“Check It Out Y’all” is the fourth single from Amiri’s This Is Part Time. It is the South Carolina producer/rapper’s third album released earlier this year on Hipnott Records. “Check It Out Y’all” is being featured on the ESPN television show “First Take.”