Daily Archives: May 25, 2014

Dwele-I Think I Love You Live At Soul Skate 2014

Dwele was one of the three performers at the Soul Skate 2014 concert in Detroit at the Magic Stick Sunday afternoon. Here is a live version of “I Think I Love You” later trumped by Dwele walking through the audience singing “Find A Way” to most of the ladies in the audience.


Amp Fiddler-I’m Doing Fine Live At Soul Skate 2014

Amp Fiddler was on the bill with Dwele and Chico DeBarge for the Soul Skate 2014 concert at the Magic Stick in Detroit Sunday afternoon. Fiddler, who recently released Basementality 2, performs “I’m Doing Fine.”


Chico DeBarge-Iggin’Me Live At Soul Skate 2014

Chico DeBarge performs “Iggin’ Me” and “I Like It” at Kenny Dixon Jr.’s Soul Skate 2014 event at Detroit’s Magic Stick.


Throwback: Detroit Grand Pubahs-Sandwiches


“Sandwiches” was a breakout electro funk hit from the Detroit Grand Pubahs. The suggestive dancefloor outing introduced Paris The Black Fu and The Mysterious Mr. O as lascivious, but funny mask-wearing characters. “Sandwiches” was a rare post-techno dance hit for Detroit. The band also had success with “The Clapper” and “Big Onion” and by the second album Mr. O left the group. Four studio albums were recorded under the Detroit Grand Pubah name and Mr. O eventually returned to the lineup. In 2011 they launched the Engine Room imprint to release techno music.