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Shabazz Palaces-They Come In Gold

“They Come In Gold” is from the new Shabazz Palaces album, Lese Majesty, which is a term used to describe the treasonable insulting of the establishment. “They Come In Gold” is a criticism of capitalism, hence the reference to “blood-encrusted dough” among other things. If you pre-order the album you will receive the Loser Edition, a month-early stream of the album, instant download of “They Come In Gold” and the bonus 7-inch unreleased song “Palace Slide.” The actual US street date for the album is July 29th.


Tracklisting for Lese Majesty:

Suite 1: The Phasing Shift
01 Dawn In Luxor
02 Forerunner Foray
03 They Come In Gold
Suite 2: Touch & Agree
04 Solemn Swears
05 Harem Aria
06 Noetic Noiromantics
07 The Ballad of Lt. Major Winnings

Suite 3: Palace War Council Meeting
08 Soundview
09 Ishmael
10 Down 155th in the MCM Snorkel
Suite 4: Pleasure Milieu
11 Divine of Form
12 #Cake

Suite 5: Federal Bureau Boys
13 Colluding Oligarchs
14 Suspicion of a Shape
Suite 6: High Climb To The Gallows
15 Mind Glitch Keytar Theme
16 Motion Sickness

Suite 7: Murkings On The Oxblood Starway
17 New Black Wave
18 Sonic Myth Map For the Trip Back


Red Bull Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Peech Boys’ Don’t Make Me Wait

Red Bull visits with Michael de Benedictus of The Peech Boys to hear the origins of their 1981 classic, “Don’t Make Me Wait.” The Peech Boys were the first act to come out of the Paradise Garage experience lead by Larry Levan. The song thrived in the clubs and on the charts even after the misguided Disco Demolition night two years earlier.