Daily Archives: March 24, 2014


Kelis’s “Rumble” is a song about reconciling with an imperfect lover because she misses him and realizes that she too, has issues. But it’s a different kind of feeling to see her sing about rekindling a relationship in a pond with fishermen and musicians in boats a la Duck Dynasty. Food is on the way April 22nd.


Obii Say-Whose World?

D.C. rapper Obii Say returns with a video for his song “Whose World?” obviously inspired to a great extent by Nas. He says that he wore the mask in the clip he co-directed because he wanted people to be intrigued with the visuals whether the sound was on or not.


L’Orange-The End Feat. Billy Woods

Billy Woods walks the streets at night dodging death, which is represented by murky figures with glowing white eyes. “The End” is from L’Orange’s The Orchid Days.