Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

Snoop Dogg-Gangstas Don’t Live That Long

Snoop Dogg raps about his transformation from a gangsta to a different kind of guy and this time it’s without new marketing personas like Snoop Lion. The video for “Gangstas Don’t Live That Long” shows a grown-up Snoop painting a stop sign for all the gang-bangers and scenes from his worklife, football coaching and family time. Looking at the poster of him and Tupac in the video is an awful reminder of a young Black man killed before he could self-actualize like Snoop. Snoop’s message is that he wouldn’t still be alive if he continued to be a real gangsta but he still questions why he made it and some didn’t like Tupac. The song is from his That’s My Work 3 mixtape.


Aloe Blacc-Wake Me Up & The Man On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Aloe Blacc took the gospel of his new album Lift Your Spirit to Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed “Wake Me Up” and “The Man.”


Okayplayer Hangs Out With Radkey

Okayplayer just recently hung out with Missouri rock band Radkey during the band’s visit to New York. The punk band consists of three brothers; Isaiah on bass, Solomon on drums and Dee on lead locals and guitar. In this clip they browse comic books, eat pizza and discuss the typical issues they deal with as Black rockers. Their Devil Fruit EP is out now.