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Throwback: Stetasonic-Talkin’ All That Jazz


Stetasonic’s “Talkin All That Jazz” used Lonnie Liston Smith’s bassline from “Expansions” as its own to answer mainstream critics of sampling. Brooklyn’s Daddy-O, Prince Paul, Frukwan, Wise, DBC, MC Delite and Bobby Simmon explained the significance of sampling’s transfer of older music to new generations of listeners. Their use of Afrocentrism, jazz elements, live instrumentation and beatboxing gave them an original sound and lead the way for the Native Movement, Afrocentric rap and The Roots. The sophomoric In Full Gear had an R&B hit with “Sally” and one of hip-hop’s earliest covers with The Floaters’ “Float On.” Blood, Sweat & No Tears was Stetsasonic’s third and final album. Prince Paul and Frukwan later founded the horrorcore group Gravediggaz and Daddy-O appeared on the Freestyle Fellowship album To Whom It May Concern. Paul became famous for his production work for De La Soul and other artists like Queen Latifah, MF Doom, Big Daddy Kane and Cypress Hill. Daddy-O released a solo album in 1993 and worked for various entertainment companies including MCA behind the scenes remixing music and developing talent.