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Evolution Of Hip-Hop Dancing With Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith

Last night Jimmy Fallon made his debut as Jay Leno’s replacement on The Tonight Show. Fallon was joined by Will Smith to do a two and a half minute tribute to hip-hop dances. The fun but hilarious routine found Will getting carried away with the Spank That dance but he straight-up refused to twerk with Fallon. It’s great to see Fallon out there doing hip-hop dances because he’s made a big contribution to the visibility of the artform by making The Roots the first hip-hop group to be the house band on any kind of TV show. And Fallon also made Will Smith, a legendary hip-hopper and movie star his first guest.


Kelis-Jerk Ribs (Official Video)

Kelis’s video for “Jerk Ribs” is an introduction to her Food album that comes out April 21st and her cooking show Saucy & Sweet that will debut February 26th on the Cooking Channel.


“From Rodney King to Jordan Davis, When Will Black People Learn?” by Cleo Manago

Cleo Manago, CEO and founder of the
Black Men’s Xchange (BMX)

From Rodney King, to Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and now Jordan Davis, Black communities have responded with hope while waiting for justice, only to be surprised again and again when justice did not come. The cycle never seems to change. At some point, it becomes important to examine why.

Unfortunately in my lifetime I have yet to see evidence of any fundamental change regarding the treacherous wrath of White control and racism within institutional, criminal justice, academic, media or other central contexts. In my worldview, disproportionately compromising, incarcerating or killing innocent, unarmed Black people is an American pastime that has never dissipated. The recent, cold-blooded murders of young Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, and the slap on the hand given to their murderers, is simply more media profiled versions of this American past-time.