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Lauryn Hill-Something Live On Letterman

Lauryn Hill ended Letterman’s weeklong tribute The Beatles 50th Anniversary of landing in America with Lauryn Hill performing “Something.”


Throwback: L’Trimm-Cars That Go Boom


Lady Tigra and Bunny D were teenaged hip-hop fans in Miami when they stumbled across the early bass music scene at the Skylight Express nightclub. They started calling themselves XTC and would battle male rappers and the rarity of female emcees made them an even greater spectacle. An affiliation with local rapper Mighty Rock got them an introduction and ultimately a record deal with Hot Productions. Their name was changed to L’Trimm and “Cars That Go Boom” from their 1988 Grab It! debut made them national hip-hop stars. Drop That Bottom would follow in 1989 as well as recognition from The Source magazine. Legal disputes with their record label over creative differences lead to the dissolution of L’Trimm and a third album under their name minus their input. Lady Tigra became a manager of the NYC nightclub Plaid and released her solo album, Please Mr. Boombox in 2008. She wrote and performed the jingle for the popular Pinkberry frozen yogurt website and in 2011 she was featured on the Yeti Beats compilation single “Summertime” featuring Fatlip. As of 2012 Tigra was working on a soundtrack and another album with Yeti Beats. Bunny D retired from music to focus on domestic life and she has published a series of children’s books. Brianna Perry, who is an artist from Miami, paid tribute to “Cars That Go Boom” in 2013 with her song “Cars.”