Daily Archives: December 17, 2013

Kilo Kish Releases K+ The Book


Kilo Kish has completed the companion book to her K+ mixed tape that she released back in February. She says “This is in an attempt to purposely highlight our imperfections and reject the finality of ‘the finished product’. We are all always working and making changes and my project represents this elementary idea.” You can download K+ the mixtape here and K+ the book is available in the usual places.


Kele Okereke-Down Boy Feat. Bobbie Gordon


Kele Okereke and Bobbie Gordon used inspiration from ’90s house and two-step to make their dance track “Down Boy.” The song is the first song sold on 3D vinyl and you can watch Kele and Bobbie launch the first 3D printing record store at The Vinyl Factory in London here.