Daily Archives: December 4, 2013

Tupac Interview Put To Animation

PBS Digital Studios took this 1994 interview of Tupac Shakur from Entertainment Weekly and turned into a cartoon as the latest installment in their Blank On Blank series.


Federal Criminal Attorney Jeremy Gordon Puts a New Face on Legal Defense


Waxahachie, TX – With the broad appeal of the popular Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” the release of celebrated actor/author Hill Harper’s new book, “Letters To An Incarcerated Brother,” and television’s Judge Greg Mathis’ launch of his own Prisoner Empowerment Education and Respect (PEER) Initiative, the public perception of America’s prison system and its prisoners is rapidly evolving. Discriminatory drug laws, the high rate of black incarceration and unjust over-sentencing procedures have become major societal concerns now that the U.S. incarceration population outranks any in the entire world. Even mainstream media’s focus on the prison industrial complex has intensified with daily coverage highlighting the many atrocities.


Lauryn Hill-Consumerism (Lyric Video)

Lauryn Hill’s lyric video for “Consumerism” is a series of moving flash cards and images designed to cast light on society’s tendency to never question popular ideas.


Toro Y Moi-Rose Quartz & Say That On The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Toro Y Moi bought deep house music to mainstream American on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and performed “Rose Quartz” and “Say That.”