R.I.P. Oliver Cheatham

Detroit-bred singer Oliver Cheatham, known for his R&B single “Get Down Saturday Night” has passed at the age of 65 according to Soultracks.com. Cheatham’s song is an immortal party classic from the ’80’s co-written by One Way’s Kevin McCord and was recently featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He recorded two duets with Jocelyn Brown and a few other singles including “Bless The Ladies,” “S.O.S.” and “Celebrate Our Love” but “Get Down Saturday Night” is the song that put him in the feel good R&B canon. Daft Punk sampled “Get Down Saturday Night” for the song “Voyager” and Vito Lucente reworked the song into a house track as Room 5 calling it “Make Luv” and giving Cheatham his first number one slot on the UK singles chart in 2003.