Monthly Archives: November 2013

R.I.P. Oliver Cheatham

Detroit-bred singer Oliver Cheatham, known for his R&B single “Get Down Saturday Night” has passed at the age of 65 according to Cheatham’s song is an immortal party classic from the ’80’s co-written by One Way’s Kevin McCord and was recently featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He recorded two duets with Jocelyn Brown and a few other singles including “Bless The Ladies,” “S.O.S.” and “Celebrate Our Love” but “Get Down Saturday Night” is the song that put him in the feel good R&B canon. Daft Punk sampled “Get Down Saturday Night” for the song “Voyager” and Vito Lucente reworked the song into a house track as Room 5 calling it “Make Luv” and giving Cheatham his first number one slot on the UK singles chart in 2003.


Media Questions Of The Week


1. Since the successes of “Django Unchained,” “12 Years A Slave” and the addition of the F/X TV show “The Code” what is Hollywood’s new fascination with slavery?


2. Can Conrad Murray be charged with HIPAA violations for his disgusting interview about Michael Jackson?

3. Are you going to see Spike Lee’s “Oldboy” remake?


Devine Carama-Motown Shuffle (Climax, I’m The King & Rap God Freestyle)


Devine Carama pays tribute to Motown with freestyles over beats from Slum Village’s “Climax,” Royce Da 5′ 9″‘s “I’m The King” and Eminem’s “Rap God.”


Lauryn Hill-Lost Ones Live At The Bowery Ballroom

Lauryn Hill made her first live appearances in New York City since her release from prison last night at the Bowery Ballroom. Here she is performing a reggae-styled “Lost Ones” for a very excited audience.


RC & The Gritz-Leave Me Alone Feat. Erykah Badu


“Leave Me Alone” is from RC & The Gritz’s Pay Your Tab debut album. The group is usually known as Erykah Badu’s band and she collaborated with them on the song that finds them branching out to establish their sound on their own. Snoop Dogg and Raheem DeVaughn also make appearances on the album.