Daily Archives: October 18, 2013

Stanley Crouch Discusses Charlie Parker With PBS

Jazz critic/scholar Stanley Crouch discusses Charlie Parker’s life with PBS interviewer Jeffrey Brown in regards to his book on the musician’s life. Kansa City Lightning: The Rise and Times Of Charlie Parker is the first of a two volume biography Crouch has written about one of the principal architects of Bebop. Crouch also reminds the audience of his disdain for hip-hop which is unfortunate because there are definite links between Parker’s work and the rhythmic sophistication of rap music.


Sophie Sees A Short Film By Tricky

Sophie Sees is a short film written and directed by Tricky. The intriguing scenes that include murder, protest and Tricky singing among other things are filled with music from False Idols.


The Internet-Dontcha Live At FADER FORT

The Internet headlined the first night of this year’s FADER FORT shows in NYC. Syd The Kyd and the band including Matt Martians offered their Chad Hugo-assisted “Dontcha” from the highly recommended Feel Good.