Throwback: Funky Four Plus One-That’s The Joint


Funky 4+1 – That's The Joint by PeteRock

DJ Breakout, K.K. Rockwell, Keith Keith, Sha Rock, Lil’ Rodney Cee, Raheim and Jazzy Jeff were members of the Funky Four Plus One. Keith Keith did not stay with the group and Raheim left to join Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. DJ Baron was added to the fold and they used the moniker Plus One More for their 1979 debut recording “Rappin & Rocking The House” on the Enjoy label. The Bronx-originated band was the first from their area to get a recording contract and also the premier co-ed rap band because of MC Sha Rock. The Plus One More was dropped from their name when they joined the Sugar Hill Records roster. “That’s The Joint” was their 1980 immortal party jam that had an equally significant instrumental version thanks to the bass playing of Doug Wimbish who was a member of the Sugar Hill house band. Wimbish later founded the industrial hip hop band Tackhead and became a member of Living Colour. The Funky Four Plus One made history again when they performed “That’s The Joint” on Saturday Night Live because they were the initial rap group to appear on the show. The movie Wild Style was originally written to be about them but Sugar Hill label co-founder Sylvia Robinson did not want any of her artists in the movie. “Do You Want to Rock” also shows how the band help pioneer the practice of rappers singing and rapping on the song. The group broke-up without ever having a full-length album. MC Jazzy Jeff later had a solo career on Jive records and released the song “King Heroin.” MC Sha Rock appeared in the movie Beat Street, she opened the first performing arts school in Central Texas and earlier this year she was appointed as a National Advisor for the Cornell University Hip Hop Library Collection.