Daily Archives: September 12, 2013

The Internet-Feel Good Cover Art & Tracklisting


The Internet unveiled the cover art and tracklisting for their full band backed Feel Good album today.

1. Tellem (Intro)
2. Sunset (feat. Yuna)
3. Dont’cha
4. You Don’t Even KNow (feat. Tay Walker)
5. Pupil | The Patience
6. Red Balloon
7. Cloud Of Our Own
8. Runnin’ (feat. Tay Walker)
9. Matts Apartment
10. Shadow Dance
11. Wanders Of The Mind (feat. Mac Miller)
12. Partners In Crime Part Two
13. Higher Times (feat. Jesse Boykins III)


Nas-You Wouldn’t Understand On The Arsenio Hall Show

Nas paid a visit to The Arsenio Hall Show last night and gave a performance of “You Wouldn’t Understand” from last year’s Life Is Good.