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Dre Murray’s Gold Rush: Maybe One Day Lands On Billboard Charts


Collision Records and Dre Murray are excited to announce the news about Dre Murray’s new album Gold Rush: Maybe One Day landing on the Billboard charts:

#15 Rap Billboard
#189 Billboard Top 200

Dre Murray’s Gold Rush: Maybe One Day on iTunes


This Is The Dope-3013


St. Louis triumvirate Black Spade, Teresajenee and Indiana Rome are This Is The Dope.”3013″ is the premiere single, debuted by Freshselects, from their 5-song EP that will available July 27th at http://recasto.com and record stores in St.Louis.


Jessica Care Moore & Tunde Olaniran To Appear At Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts August 3rd At Artist Village In Detroit


The Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts will take place August 3rd in and around Artist Village Detroit (17340 Lahser, Detroit, MI 48219). Poetess Jessica Care Moore, Tunde Olaniran, hip-hop duo Passalaqua and Sean Blackmen’s Sin Hielo will perform at the event.

Sidewalk Festival of The Performing Arts Full Schedule:

Temple Of Dreams

·3:00 Detroit Theater Company ·3:30 Detroit Slam Team· 4:00 Sky Covington · 5:00 Dawn Xiana Moon + Lee Na Mo · 5:30 Tunde Olaniran · 6:30 Cold Men Young · 7:30 Sin Hielo · 8:15 Passalacqua

Blue Dance Courtyard

·3:00 Kristi Faulkner Dance 4:00 Heritage Works 4:30 Jungle Statement w/ Sky Covington · 5:00 James Cornish Free Arts Trio · 5:30 Ms. Chantal · 6:00 Big Red Wall · 7:00 thingNY · 8:00 Lisa Lamarre + James Cornish · 8:45 Art Lab J

Art Alley

·3:00 Flint Dance Collaborative 3:30 Maya + Quant Stovall ·4:00 Alexa Dexa + Kevin Mccoy · 5:00 I Stay · 6:00 Homeless Hero 7:00 Hardcore Detroit · 7:30 Jessica Care Moore · 8:00 Hardcore Detroit

Experimental Garden

·3:00 A Host Of People ·4:00 Detroit Theater Companey 4:30· A Host Of People ·5:00 A Host Of People ·6:30 Radical Child

Petite Courtyard

· 4:00 – 8:00 Upended Teacups

Parangoles Playhouse (through the petite courtyard)

·3:00 Parangoles Playhouse Workshop 6:00 Contact Improvisation Workshop ·6:30 Parangoles Playhouse Workshop 6:30 Radical Child

Artist Village Theater

·4:00 Remote Control Tomato