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Throwback: Starpoint-Object Of My Desire


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Starpoint’s synthesized R&B put them in competition and company with other bands of the ’80’s like Midnight Star,Klymaxx, Lakeside and The Dazz Band. The sextet was comprised of the Phillips brothers from Maryland, their friend Kayode Adeyemo and singer Renee Diggs. They originally called themselves Licyndiana but changed their name to Starpoint after joining the Chocolate City Records roster. The band recorded six albums and created a catalog of singles that appealed to grassroots R&B fans before they landed into the mainstream. “I Just Wanna Dance With You,” “Keep On It,” “Do Want You Wanna Do,” “It’s All Yours” and “All Night Long” were some of the songs that established them with their core fanbase. When Chocolate City collapsed Starpoint signed a new contract with Elektra Records. Restless was their seventh album and commercial crown jewel lead by the crossover success of “Object Of My Desire.” The Sensational album followed with the single “He Wants My Body” completing their brief run as profitable R&B stars. They finished two more albums and broke-up by 1990. Diggs recorded a solo album that was released in Europe but was never able to work again because of her battle with MS. Adeyemo co-wrote “Girl You Know It’s True” for lip synch icons Milli Vanilli. Ernesto Phillips passed of a stroke in 2004 and Diggs died of complications from MS in 2005. The remaining members of Starpoint still occasionally performs concerts around the world.