Music Review: Tunde Olaniran-The Second Transgression EP (Self-Released)

Tunde Olaniran’s Second Transgression is the sophomoric offering in a five part series of his afro-futurist dance music. The EP opens up immediately with Olaniran’s heated appeal for personal transformation via “2.0.” Punchy cymbals, a Dilla-like synthesizer and a mini cacophony of electro sounds guided by his hip-hop, punk and avant-garde aesthetic promises a new person and genre. Vocally speaking, Olaniran’s tone is on par with house music luminary Sybil and Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke. “Autonomous” interweaves muted percolated tom-toms with soft rock guitar as Olaniran narrates a break-up with a lover on one track and accompanies himself on another with Michael Jackson falsetto pitches. The EP moves at a sleek nocturnal pace subtly subverting dominant dance music memes with individual co-optations of the emcee and particles of Underground Resistance’s guerrilla funk. “Brown Boy” ends the second movement with a rap dedicated to the stereotyped marketing plans for Black artists that progresses into a carnival-esque layer of house. The Second Transgression is an original reinvention of electro that places Olaniran as the love child of Santigold and Kele with Missy Elliot as his aunt.