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Throwback: Carleen Anderson-Mama Said

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Carleen Anderson is a R&B singer from Houston, Texas and she is the daughter of James Brown singer Vicki Anderson and Bobby Byrd was her step-father. Her career started in 1989 when she toured the UK with the JB All Stars and met Marco Nelson and Femi Williams. They later formed The Young Disciples and made Anderson the lead singer. Anderson relocated to the UK in 1990 and worked with Guru, Paul Weller, Courtney Pine, Bryan Ferry and Galliano. The Young Disciples released their one and only album Road To Freedom in 1991. “Get Yourself Together” and “Apparently Nothin'” were previously released as singles and their success got the Disciples signed to Talkin’ Loud Records. The album did well market-wise and was critically acclaimed in the UK earning recognition from the Mercury Prize organization. They were seen as definitive voices of the Acid Jazz movement but just as quickly disbanded in 1992 after Anderson left to be a solo artist. Her first album True Spirit was released in 1994 and the infectiousness of “Mama Said” and “Nervous Breakdown” allowed the project to have pop success. Blessed Burden followed in 1998 and it had a different musical direction that focused on live sound versus the hip-hop production techniques used on Mama Said. In the late ’90’s she lead The Brand New Heavies and her association with them helped her to release her first independent album, Alberta’s Granddaughter, in 2002. Anderson gave her fans the opportunity to see her live performance at home with the 2003 Grace & Favors Live CD/DVD. A Best Of album was released in 2004 and 2005’s Soul Providence is Anderson’s most current studio project. She also headed the Brighton Institute of Modern Music’s vocal department from 2002-2007. Anderson’s new solo album has a tentative release date for 2012 and she is preparing to tour with her Soul Trio.