Paper Tiger Of Doomtree Releases Beat Tape

Paper Tiger announce the free release of Beat Tape.The album consists of, yup you guessed it, beats. 15 unreleased instrumentals to be exact. Those 500 of you lucky enough to have pre-ordered Paper’s recent Summer EP were rewarded with a limited edition physical copy of Beat Tape. Luckily for those that missed out, Papes has decided to share the digital version of the album with the rest of the world for FREE. “You can download it from Bandcamp HERE or stream it on Soundcloud HERE. Speaking of, if you want to keep that summer vibe going you can still grab Summer EP over at iTunes or the Doomtree Store. And make sure to check the music video for “The Fortunate Wayfarer,” starring a walking boombox on vacation at a carnival.

Paper Tiger is the producer and live DJ of Doomtree and is responsible for some of Doomtree’s most crowd-pleasing singles, including “Low Light Low Life” from P.O.S’ Never Better, Mike Mictlan’s “Game Over,” and Dessa’s “The Chaconne.” He’s spun at the X Games, toured North America and Europe on Doomtree’s epic No Kings Tour, and has built a reputation as a solo artist in his own right.

Beat Tape Track Listing
1. Bomb Shelter
2. R.Chuthers
3. Upper Deck
4. Rides
5. Win Factory
6. Moped Champion
7. Sick Trim
8. Launch Ramps
9. Tour Guides
10. Better Plans
11. Personal Canoe
12. Gleaming Cube
13. Button-Up
14. Arcade At The Mall
15. Karate