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Frank Ocean-Channel, Orange (Trailer)

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This is the trailer for Frank Ocean’s Channel, Orange album that has a July 17th release date.


The Oneness Of Take 6 (Interview With Claude McKnight)

“The human voice is still the best and most intricate and most wonderful instrument and no matter how interesting technology gets you still can’t really duplicate the human voice.”

Take 6’s vocal harmonies have circled jazz, R&B and even country before returning back to their home of gospel-rooted messages and melodies. The synergy of their six voices building and re-building gospel standards while traversing Black pop transformed them into world-class vocalists some 25 years ago. The burnish of their collective timbre eclipsed the gospel genre and found them working with Spike Lee, Stevie Wonder, k.d. Lang and Quincy Jones who branded them as the “baddest vocal cats around.” Their longevity places them as the only contemporary vocal-oriented ensemble rooted in spiritual music to have broad audience appeal for over two decades. One is their newly completed orbital trip to the music that started their musical oddyssey when they were students at Huntsville, Alabama’s Oakwood University in the ‘80’s. Claude V. McKnight III spoke with Kickmag about One and the human need to always connect to the voice.

Why did you all decide to make gospel the most dominant sound on this album?

It was a very conscious decision. Each record that we do we try to have a theme for it. And we thought about the fact that we’ve always been a gospel group. And for whatever reason, whether it’s the chords we sing or the fact that some of our songs might be considered more contemporary than others. We decided on this one,‘Let’s go overtly gospel lyrically’ and for the most part from a genre standpoint as far as the melody the old school gospel songs, the songs that we all sang growing up our parents and grandparents sang to add that feel to the record.