Kickstart Jodeci

Dren aka Guerilla Hollywood is a producer currently working with Jodeci and he’s created a Kickstarter campaign to raise 30,000 for a reunion single. April 27th is the cut-off point and if he doesn’t reach the goal those who donate will not be charged. You can find out more at the Kickstarer page.

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9 years ago

Jodeci needs a Kickstarter page? Wow. Fans now, need to donate money for washed up artists to make a “come back”? I guess since they are not top billing, 30k is mid-range?

How will we know that the money would TRUELY be used to the music project or just snorted and partied up? I’m going to start one for helping me to pay my bills for a year. WTH, it won’t hurt to try.