Throwback: Boss-Deeper


Lichelle Laws is a rapper from Detroit who got a deal with Def Jam West after Russell Simmons heard her on a track with AMG produced by DJ Quik. Her debut album Born Gangstaz did well commercially because of the singles “Deeper” and “Recipe Of A Hoe.” The album is considered a classic of the gangsta rap genre despite confusion over her image. Boss made it clear on her album that she came from the middle class but an interview with the Wall Street Journal supposedly “exposed” her true identity. Despite having such a strong introduction, Boss left the rap scene and became a radio DJ in Dallas during the ’90’s. It is rumored that Def Jam shelved her second album after the questioning over her persona. In 2005 she released the Six Million Dollar Mixtape. Last year she appealed to the Facebook community and posted her yahoo address ([email protected]) for a kidney donor because she suffers from renal disease.