Beyonce’s Feminism Get’s Called Out for Fela Kuti Adulation in Huffington Post Article

Senior Editor at questions Beyonce Knowles for continuous reverence of Afro-Beat legend Fela Kuti

“The fact that Beyonce Knowles, a self-proclaimed feminist who recently declared that “Girls Run The World”, appeared in L’Officiel Paris in blackface to honor Fela and his 27 “Queens”– even though he physically abused them — is a testament to the one dimensional perspective through which we examine Fela. It is also an ironic reflection of his priorities that the controversy generated over the images was due to her unfortunate choice to mimic racist satire — not her celebration of domestic violence, which disproportionately affects the Black and African-American women she claims to empower. In allowing herself to be blinded by his skewed mythology — that she protects and proliferates through her “iconic” photoshoot — she squandered an opportunity to not only speak out against violent crimes against women, but also to honor Fela’s true Queen: his mother, Funmilayo.”

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