Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

Shaolin Jazz Presents The Gil Scott-Heron Tribute

Gerald Watson’s Shaolin Jazz project has produced a blended tribute to Gil Scott-Heron that features Wu-Tang rhymes. DJ 2-Tone Jones is Watson’s collaborator.

Download Shaolin Jazz Tribute To Gil Scott-Heron


Kidz In The Hall ‘Occasion’ LP 11-22 + Season 2 of ‘Here Now’ Reality Series

Kidz In The Hall, the hip-hop duo consisting of emcee Naledge & producer Double-O, took a creative approach to the recording process of their new album ‘Occasion.’ In March of this year, with support from Red Bull & Adidas, Kidz In The Hall laid down the foundation for the project with a core objective in mind…HAVE FUN! The group invited fans into their world to see first-hand how they construct an album. Over the course of a few weeks they recorded in Red Bull studios, played in an Adidas basketball tournament with Snoop Dogg, threw parties at their LA house in the hills (for creative inspiration of course), played pranks and performed with Chris Brown. The reality show ‘Here Now’ documented the making of ‘Occasion.’ The 6-part series was hosted by MTV2.COM as part of their Sucka Free segment.


Strange Fruit Project-A Dreamer’s Journey

The Waco, Texas trio Strange Fruit Project followed up their 2006 debut The Healing with A Dreamer’s Journey last month. Myone, Myth and Symbolyc One keep a low profile but their music has already distinguished them as producing some of the best underground hip-hop in the south.