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Throwback: Sir Mix-A-Lot-Beepers

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Sir Mix-A-Lot’s first single was the 1987 track “Posse On Broadway.” The Seattle native had founded the Nastymix record label with DJ Nasty Nes in 1983 and “Posse On Broadway” lead to the completion of his first album Swass. By the end of 1989 the album went platinum and he released the sophomore follow-up Seminar.”Beepers,” “My Hooptie” and “I Got Game” were all successful in the rap market. He secured a deal with Def American for his third album Mack Daddy. “One Time’s Got No Case” was the was first single about the police racially profiling Black men but Mix’s audience preferred him as a party music rapper. “Baby Got Back” was a big crossover record and became Mix-A-Lot’s trademark song. He earned the scorn of feminists, a Grammy and the second most popular Billboard song of the year from “Baby Got Back.” Chief Boot Knocka tried to emulate the success of “Baby Got Back” with “Put’Em On The Glass” and despite missing that goal “Just Da Pimpin’ In Me” got a Grammy nomination. Return of the Bumpasaurus was his fifth release and after it failed to make significant sales Mix-A-Lot took a hiatus from releasing records.He spent some of his time working with the grunge band Presidents of the United States of America and he collaborated with Mudhoney on the song “Freak Momma” from the “Judgement Night” soundtrack. The rapper/real estate entrepreneur showed-up seven years later with Daddy’s Home. Last year Sir Mix-A-Lot released the single “Carz” with a video to promote the upcoming album Dun 4Got About Mix.