Daily Archives: July 30, 2011

R.I.P. Eugene McDaniels

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Singer/songwriter Eugene McDaniels passed yesterday. Mr. McDaniels started his recording career in 1961 with the hit song “A Hundred Pounds Of Clay.” His status as a hitmaker continued throughout the ’60’s but the acknowledgement of his artistry outside the bean-counting culture was established with Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse. The 1971 album was unusual then and it is now because of a multi-genre reach in sound that spanned rock, folk, jazz and soul. The collection is much coveted by rare groove collectors and music maker as it has already been gutted by numerous hip-hop producers. He is also known as the composer of “Feel Like Makin’ Love” that secured a Grammy for Roberta Flack when she covered it in ’74.


Media Questions Of The Week

1. Isn't it great how the song "Otis" by Jay-Z and Kanye West has reintroduced Otis Redding to the public?

2. Why does the Jimi Hendrix estate keep blocking a movie about him?

3. Why is Soulja Boy's camp retracting their story about his purchase of a 55 million jet?

4. Why did Vibe magazine split Kelly Rowland's cover to acknowledge the passing of Amy Winehouse but didn't do the same thing for Teena Marie?