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RagoMagazine.com ‘Takin It Worldwide Volume Two’ (FREE Download Hip-Hop Compilation) OUT NOW!!!

RagoMagazine.com is a UK based magazine dedicated to the Hip-Hop movement. Starting life out as an A5 print magazine back in 1999, the UK based publication went on-line back in 2002 informing Hip-Hop heads globally about releases from the Hip-Hop scene is what Rago do best. In the twelve years Rago Magazine has been going it has helped shape and promotes the worldwide rap scene. Since the magazine went from print to on-line it has reviewed albums, mixtapes, music videos, films, books, magazines, DVD’s, EP’s, classic albums and singles, as well as interviewing hundreds of rappers, producers, label CEO’s and more.


Media Questions Of The Week

1. Is D’Angelo really coming out with his album this year?

2. Is the dropping of 31 categories by the Grammys racist as suggested by all of the musicians who are boycotting it?

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3. When will Spike Lee release a 25th Anniversary edition of “She’s Gotta Have It?”