Common’s New Single “Ghetto Dreams” Available On iTunes

Grammy Award winning rapper, actor and activist Common released his first single “Ghetto Dreams” featuring hip-hop’s elite Nas from his forthcoming album “The Dreamer, The Believer” on iTune’s today following stellar reviews from fans and the online community. Buy links as follows:



“Ghetto Dreams” serves up gritty analogies for those persons aspiring to better than their current situations. “I decided to write about ghetto dreams just in a way that was raw,” Common told MTV News. “I almost approached it like I was a character because I don’t smoke cigarettes and blah, blah, blah. But I still was talking abut those things ’cause it’s like, if I step in the shoes of myself and my other friends and people that just dream about higher things coming from a tougher place. I told it in respect to the relationship I got with my lady, it’s ill. It’s not a love song or none of that; it’s just raw. It’s ill lyrics man, I’m telling you.”

The NO I.D. produced track comes complete with throw-back artwork to commemorate the long overdue collaboration. On July 2nd, Nas was so elated with the track that he took to his Twitter prior to the official release date and posted the link to the track just after stating, “I’m giving @Common 15 minutes or I’m putting this sh– out myself! #GhettoDreams.”

In their review of the song, anticipated “if the boom-bap drums, intermittent turntable scratches and horn stabs on “Ghetto Dreams” are any indication, The Dreamer, The Believer, will be a throwback to mid-90s hip-hop.” New York Magazine chimes in that the collaboration between the traditionalist emcees “makes an awful lot of sense together, especially on this beat, a sterling DJ premier impersonation turn in by No I.D.” Popular lifestyle blog Roc4Life proclaims, “throw all three on one track and you have what can only be described as a dream session” while hip-hop blogging duo 2DopeBoyz enthusiastically posted,”Two of rap’s finest on one track? Nasty! What else would you expect?”

The release of the new single comes after the recent announcement of Common’s recent signing to Warner Bros. Records by co-president Todd Moscowitz on June 24th at the LA offices. “I’m very grateful to be a part of this family, to be a part of this team,” Common told crowd in the Warner Bros. Records courtyard. “We have very inspirational, exciting music to team up with you. We’re just open to what this change can bring.”

Fans can expect Common’s 9th studio album “The Dream, The Believer” this fall with No I.D. exclusively behind the production helm.