Casual – The Hierophant & Mic Memorial

Long time fans and supporters of the Hieroglyphics will be stoked to hear that Casual, prolific MC and original member of the mighty Hieroglyphics crew, is back with a new release, The Hierophant, a collaborative project with Hiero DJ and producer DJ Toure. “A Hierophant is a person who deciphers arcane knowledge,” explains Casual when discussing the title of the album. “I’m releasing this album to help fund my next album, He STILL Think He Raw. Please support. With this, as well as my other albums, I attempt to make classics.” Currently, He STILL Think He Raw is scheduled for a fall release.

The Hierophant is available now for download through Casual’s Bandcamp page and features Tajai of Souls of Mischief, fellow Hiero member Pep Love, and Thomas Pridgen, former drummer of The Mars Volta.

Listen to The Hierophant

Download “Mic Memorial”