FREE EP: Al-One of Sandpeople “Talk Of The Town” w/ Freeway, Illmaculate & more

Al-One of Portland’s Sandpeople kept his word and made his new EP Talk Of The Town available for download. You can still buy it at CDBaby and iTunes. Talk Of The Town is Al-One’s prelude to a full-length release that will be available later during the summer.

1. Monsta (feat. DJ Wels) (prod. The ARE)
2. Talk Of The Town (feat. OnlyOne) (prod. Sapient)
3. N.E.R.F. (feat. Good Biz) (prod. Chase Moore)
4. Can’t Stop (feat. Freeway & DJ Wicked) (prod. Chase Moore)
5. Freshest On The Coast (feat. Illmaculate & OnlyOne) (prod. Sapient)